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Fiduciary Governance Priorities

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Mission Management – Education, Research, Service

The WesternU Way – Values, Culture & Morale




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WesternU Mission

To produce, in a humanistic tradition, health care professionals and biomedical knowledge that will enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities

WesternU Vision

Transforming the Face of Health.

We envision healthy people and a healthy society.

WesternU Values

Embody humanism through caring, respect, empathy, trust, and inclusion. Sustain a pioneering culture of bold innovation, courage, and passion. Display a collaborative mindset in how we operate, educate, and serve others. Achieve excellence in all we do.

WesternU Spirit

To continue to pioneer as an institution of phenomenal growth, we must build on our foundation in humanistic health sciences – The WesternU Way

Our caring, respect, empathy, trust, and inclusion has made us innovative, audacious and nimble. This bedrock of values informs all we do, ensuring our work is ever a beacon that reflects compassion as we serve our communities.

The University must strengthen our strategic pillars to elaborate and evolve our mission. Thus across horizons of the next five and 10 years, we can select carefully from a wonderful array of Big Opportunities.