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A graduate in a cap and gown holds up his diploma while smiling on stage. Other graduates and officials stand in the background.
WesternU / College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) and COMP-Northwest / College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest

Our students are resilient, innovative, and well prepared for an exciting and rewarding future in health care.

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2024 – Postgraduate Residency Placement

Students train at the Pomona Fairplex during the pandemic

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) see patients, prescribe medications, perform surgeries, and deliver babies in hospitals, medical centers, and offices across the United States and overseas. Whether they are primary care providers or specialists, DOs use all the standard tools of modern medicine, but also have additional therapeutic modalities with which to care for their patients. Our students thrive in a culture of patient-focused care because they practice on a foundation of professionalism, benevolence, and respect. They understand that while they practice the art of medicine with their heads, they must never forget to use their hearts.

We inspire, in a humanistic tradition, technically competent, culturally sensitive, professional and compassionate physicians who become lifelong learners.

aoa, logo WesternU COMP & COMP-Northwest is Fully Accredited and Achieved the Maximum 10 years Accreditation with Exceptional Outcome during 2022 visit.

Message from the Acting Dean

COMP-Northwest continues the traditions started by COMP in 1977. We educate and train physicians that will be capable of marshalling in a new era of medicine. Our students become the health care leaders of tomorrow, utilizing the knowledge and technology available today to practice from the Pacific Northwest to all corners of the globe with purpose, passion and skill.

David Connett, DO, FACOFP, dist.
COMP NW Commencement

About the College

At the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) and COMP-Northwest, we focus on one program, the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. This means we are 100% dedicated to helping you fulfill your calling to become the doctor you are meant to be. Each student journey is slightly different, because each student is different – yet our graduates obtain the same outcome beyond the DO title: Rooted in Humanism, you will find your authentic self – a place to heal with your head and your heart.

What is a D.O.?

  • Stephanie White, DO
  • Mandilin Hudson, DO
  • Rebecca Giusti, DO
  • Gilbert Hernandez, OMM Fellow
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    The future of medicine magazine

    The Future of Medicine Magazine

    The College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) and COMP-Northwest have launched a new digital edition of the Future of Medicine magazine. The inaugural digital edition explores technology in medical education: AI, Research, Simulation, Telemedicine. The digital magazine also allows us to present insightful podcasts and videos from our outstanding faculty and staff. This marks an exciting new chapter for our COMP community.

    National Recognition

    WesternU COMP is ranked in US News & World Report’s 2023 Best Medical Schools for:

    • Best Medical Schools: Research
    • Most Diverse Medical Schools
    • Most Graduates Practicing in Medically Underserved Areas
    • Most Graduates Practicing in Primary Care Fields (#5)
    • Most Graduates Practicing in Rural Areas
    • Best Medical Schools: Primary Care

    Why is this important?

    WesternU is one of more than 800 institutions with graduate schools surveyed by U.S. News & World Report on an annual basis. WesternU’s COMP and COMP-Northwest are recognized among the best 123 Medical Schools surveyed in the United States. This national recognition speaks to WesternU’s indicators of excellence that ultimately lead to student success.

    Student, Faculty and ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT

    Many of our students, faculty, staff and alumni form connections and bonds that last a lifetime. Meet some of them here!
    A person with long dark hair, smiling and wearing a dark-colored top, poses against a gray background.
    Student Spotlight: Kim Nguyen, OMS II

    Kim does an incredible job at uplifting our class, whether providing high-yield tips to know for exams, providing motivational messages during exam season, or simply checking in on you to see if you’re okay. She works incredibly hard as part of the leadership team for DREAM and as president of MSFC while doing it all with a beautiful smile. Her presence truly makes a difference, it’s hard to imagine it without her. Thank you for everything you do for our class and the WesternU community, Kim! Kim is incredibly sweet and helpful to our class. She is the high yield queen and does her best to make sure no one gets left behind. She is a very quick and thoughtful communicator and makes everyone feel welcome. We love you, Kim!

    A woman sitting at a desk with flowers and a plaque.
    Faculty Spotlight: Jenna Collins, DO

    The Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of Oregon (OPSO) named Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest (COMP-Northwest) Assistant Professor and Chair of Family Medicine Jenna Collins, DO, as its DO of the Year….

    Peter Fox, DO
    Alumni Spotlight
    Peter Fox, DO, ’16

    The world-renowned photographer Ansel Adams once said, “In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.” These words ring true for WesternU alum Peter Fox, DO (’16), whose exploration and travel led to a beautiful journey personally and professionally. “Medical school was such a fun time for me; I worked hard and whenever I wasn’t studying, I was outdoors making the most of the Northwest,”


    Commitment TO DIVERSITY

    We are focused on seamless integration of DEI consciousness in our curriculum, recruitment and successful admission of students from diverse groups, engagement and leadership development of students from diverse groups, recruitment and advancement of employees of diverse groups, active engagement in DEI research, development of funding sources for scholarships, recruitment and retention efforts, and celebrations of local, national and global diversity.


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    Join the Team

    Interested in joining our talented team of Administration, Faculty and Staff committed to educating our incredible students?
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    Community Engagement

    At COMP-Northwest, the emphasis is on caring. The faculty, staff, students, and the community truly care for one other and watch out for the others’ best interests. COMP-Northwest students and the community build strong relationships built upon a foundation of trust and caring.
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    Give and Receive

    Help us continue to help our students succeed as medical providers dedicated to a scientific and humanistic approach to healing. We will all benefit by having healthier communities around us.

    COMP-Northwest Virtual Tour

    The College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest is the only osteopathic graduate school in the State of Oregon and one of two in the Pacific Northwest. Students at COMP-Northwest will learn and train in the highly advanced clinical skills simulation lab and have ample opportunities to participate in research. Our faculty, clinics and labs are a few of the reasons why WesternU COMP is ranking as one of the Best Medical Schools by U.S. News & World Report.

    Engage yourself in 360-degree views, videos and photos that showcase COMP-Northwest.


    Your journey to an exciting career in health care is just getting started. Please review the program admissions requirement or request more information and we’ll reach out to you. You may also consider scheduling a virtual advising appointment. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your goals!