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WesternU / College of Health Sciences / College of Health Sciences – Northwest

College of Health Sciences – Northwest

Innovative, ever-evolving curriculum prepares graduates for the health care positions of tomorrow.

A New Era of Possibilities

WesternU College of Health Sciences-Northwest (CHS-Northwest) opened in 2021 with a Physical Therapy Program. This new location at 2665 S. Santiam Hwy in Lebanon has ushered in a new era of possibilities for our students and community members. As a new state-of-the-art location, faculty have been afforded the opportunity to create a comprehensive curriculum that features authentic learning and hands-on courses. Small class sizes provide students with greater access to faculty for individualized instruction. We are a family within our community and we are dedicated to providing compassionate, student-focused, patient-centered health care.

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The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is a 3-year program (9 semesters) designed to provide students with a didactic and clinical education experience that provides the current knowledge and skills necessary to practice physical therapy in a variety of clinical settings. The curriculum plan has been developed using the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, APTA code of ethics, clinical practice guidelines, American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) curricular development documents, and current research.

CHS-Northwest is proud to partner with Pacific Northwest communities to provide
valuable experiences to students and much-needed health care for the region.

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Serving Our Communities

CHS-Northwest offers Practical Application Labs (PALs) within the curriculum. PALs is a series of five laboratory-based classes where students work with volunteer patients under the direct supervision of a DPT-Oregon program faculty member. This is a win-win situation where students are provided authentic learning opportunities throughout the curriculum and volunteer patients from underserved and rural environments are provided with physical therapy evaluations and interventions.

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CHS-Northwest students participate in a Community Service and Outreach course where they complete 30 hours of volunteer service within the community. One example of multilayered community service is the CHS-Northwest food bank. The food bank serves three purposes: first, the non-perishable food items are used in student education where students learn to train patients how to reach and access items from a shelf or cupboard; second, the food bank serves as a backstop against student food insecurity; third, at the end of each semester remaining food bank items are donated to community shelters.

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The WesternU College of Health Sciences is committed to creating an academic environment that celebrates diversity and the value that multicultural perspectives add to the quality of the educational experience.

CHS-Northwest Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPE)

Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPE) provides an integrated, interdisciplinary, discussion-based approach to learning. IPE occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. Once students understand how to work interprofessionally, they are ready to enter the workplace as a member of the collaborative practice team. This is a key step in moving health systems from fragmentation to a position of strength. IPE is provided in the first two years of the DPT-Oregon program.


Your journey to an exciting career in health care is just getting started. Please review the program admissions requirement or request more information and we’ll reach out to you. You may also consider scheduling a virtual advising appointment. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your goals!

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You might say home is where the heart is. Well, we’ve got two hearts that beat with love for the communities we call home in Pomona, CA, and Lebanon, OR. Students can pursue select degrees on a campus of their choice.

CHS-Northwest Virtual Tour

The College of Health Sciences-Northwest Physical Therapy program is based on the new, expanding, and ever-changing role of the physical therapist. Our state-of-the-art facilities, community clinics, labs, research, and advanced technologies allow our students to perform medical screening, have a strong knowledge base of the medical and clinical sciences, and be able to perform high-level problem solving and clinical decision-making.

Engage yourself in 360-degree views, videos and photos that showcase CHS-Northwest.