Policy Creation

Policy Creation, Development, Review and Approval

Contact the University Policy Office (UPO) for information.

Policy Development

Individuals who are responsible for writing, updating, and distributing Operational Unit policies must comply with this policy.  University policies will be:

  1. Presented in a common format.
  2. Formally approved by the authorized body as determined/delegated by the Board of Trustees.
  3. Applied across the University.
  4. In compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and accrediting bodies.
  5. Maintained centrally and be accessible to all interested parties.
  6. Linked electronically to procedures for implementing the policy, where applicable.

When writing a policy, it is important to keep in mind that for a document to be deemed a policy, it must:

  • Have widespread application
  • Be expressed in broad terms
  • Change less frequently than a procedure
  • Answer the “what” and “why” of a particular subject or operational issues
  • Be approved by administration and/or governing board 

Policy Format Adherence

The University has developed a standardized template, available on the Policy and Procedure website, that can be used for policy creation and review. This template is the only acceptable format for University policies.  Any policy in any other format (print or online) that is inconsistent with the standard format and has not followed the review and approval process, as set forth in this policy, is not an official University Policy. The contact person of the policy will be asked to correct or modify the policy to the accepted format and ensure it has been fully vetted before being approved and implemented.


Policy Procedure Template Information

Policy Procedure SOP Template