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About LEAD Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling Sessions

Through facilitated conversations with counselors, students acquire new skills in areas of academic success and wellbeing.  Sessions are 45 minutes in length, confidential, free, and offer personalized support to each student.  Topic covered may include: 

      a) academic writing, b) focus, c) stress management, d) study skills, e) test taking, f) time management, and g) wellbeing.

Academic Writing Sessions

Students may schedule 45 minute meetings to improve their writing effectiveness.  Students will develop skills in writing processes such critical thinking, organization, clarity, and persuasion.  Students should provide relevant materials (document, prompt, rubric, special notes) at or before each session.

See links below to make an appointment with an academic counselor and complete the MBTI self-assessment.  Discussing MBTI results with a counselor is an excellent way to start a session, particularly for first-time visits. 


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Do the Jung MBTI

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  “It works!!”

“I had to just confidently believe that I had actually learned the concepts and not stored them in my memory. Thank you very much for that session, and everything you do for us!” – DO

“Thanks for your help, I’m still of course concerned, but definitely less panicked than 2 weeks ago!” – DVM




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