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Third-year College of Dental Medicine student Chelsea Director upacks a needle. College of Graduate Nursing Professor and Associate Dean of Administration and Research Rodney Hicks, PhD, teaches a safe injections techniques workshop to College of Optometry and College of Dental Medicine students Wednesday, April 21, 2021. Following the workshop, the students administered vaccine shots for the first time at WesternU Health Vaccine Clinic.
WesternU / COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Our goal is to keep our campuses safe and keep our students on the path toward academic success.

99 %

Students Vaccinated

92 %

Faculty/Staff Vaccinated

The WesternU Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) establishes institutional COVID-19 safety protocols guided by recommendations coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California Department of Public Health, the Oregon Health Authority, and LA County Department of Public Health.

See the Institutional Requirements for WesternU for all current COVID-19 campus guidelines and policies.

Safety Protocols: When you are on any of our campus locations, WesternU COVID-19 safety protocols require you to:


Updates from WesternU leadership

  • May 13, 2022

    Dear WesternU Faculty, Staff, and Students,

    As we near the end of the 2021-22 academic year, the Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) wants to thank you all for your commitment to protecting the health and well-being of our WesternU community.

    Below are a few reminders of our current COVID-19 Institutional Requirements, including a few updates to COVID-19 testing and exposure guidance.

    Indoor Mask Requirement and Daily Screening Survey Still in Effect

    The United States is reaching nearly 1 million deaths due to COVID-19. We are still experiencing highly infectious subvariants and sub-lineages of COVID-19, which are causing increases in cases nationally, locally, and on campus. As cases increase nationwide, many other universities have reenacted their mask policies and continue to require regular surveillance testing for their students and employees. For our internal WesternU community, from March to April 2022, there was a 172% increase in cases. Based on this contact tracing data, the CRT advises a continuation of our indoor mask policy and completing the Daily Screening Survey. Keeping these two health measures in place will ensure our students can finish their semester without missing critical campus activities, clinical rotations, and finals. We have seen the protective effects of mask usage on our campus transmission rates and believe this is a better option than requiring mass testing on a regular basis.

    As a health science university, with faculty, health care workers, and students who serve and interact with vulnerable populations, it is our duty to ensure we are not contributing to the transmission among our WesternU community and the communities we serve. This summer, we will have new students joining our campus from around the world. We know after breaks, when many are travelling, we see a rise in cases on campus as well.

    Lastly, much is still unknown about the long-term effects of COVID-19. Parents are still awaiting vaccines for children under 5 years old. The CRT understands that many have grown tired of mask-wearing, but the negatives of continued mask wearing are worth the potential benefits to our WesternU community. The CRT thanks you for your patience as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situations from the international to the local level and on our campuses.

    COVID-19 Testing Updates

    Due to Commencement, the Pomona campus testing center will be closed Thursday May 19th and Friday May 20th.

    Starting Monday May 16th, 2022, weekly surveillance testing of students and employees who are not “up-to-date” with their COVID-19 vaccine and booster is no longer required, unless you are a health care worker in California. Students on clinical rotations may be required to continue testing as well, please check with your rotation site.

    The Pomona campus testing center will remain open for individuals who need testing for symptoms, exposures, pre- and post-travel, and clinical site requirements. For the Oregon campus, testing will continue to be coordinated through your college. If you require assistance, please contact and visit the COVID-19 Testing webpage for more information.

    Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms or a Known COVID-19 Exposure? GET TESTED!

    Testing after symptom onset or a known exposure is one of the best ways to help reduce the risk of transmission to others.

    NEW! – If you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, regardless of your vaccination status, you do not need to quarantine if you are ASYMPTOMATIC, but must:

    • Wear a highly protective mask for 10 days when indoors and outdoors if you are around others.
    • Get tested* 3-5 days after you were last exposed.
    • If you test positive, stay home and submit the WesternU COVID-19 Report Survey.
    • Monitor your health for 10 days.
    • If symptoms develop, stay home, and get tested.

    *Note: Day 0 is the day of your last contact (exposure) with the infected person. Day 1 is the first full day after your last exposure. Self-tests are acceptable but must be submitted here with a time and date stamped photograph. For more information, please contact

    If you are experiencing symptoms after a COVID-19 exposure, you MUST submit a COVID-19 Report Survey and receive guidance from the WesternU Contact Tracing Team.

    Please visit the WesternU Campus Guidance website for the current COVID-19 Institutional Requirements.

    May you stay safe and be well.

  • April 29, 2022

    Dear WesternU Students, Faculty, and Staff,

    As more COVID-19 restrictions loosen across the country, we felt it important to highlight a few of the safety protocols that are still in place for all WesternU locations.

    Daily Screening Survey

    The Daily Screening Survey via Qualtrics is required for all individuals accessing WesternU campuses or facilities. This helps us ensure the safety and health of our community.

    • If you are experiencing symptoms or have had a known COVID-19 exposure, please contact for guidance.

    New Pomona Campus Testing Hours Starting Monday, May 2, 2022

    The Pomona campus testing hours will now be as follows:

    • Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon (HEC Building Front Security Desk/Outside the HEC Building)

    The testing site will begin providing Abbott Binax Rapid Antigen tests, which must be conducted on campus during testing center hours. Please Note: Be prepared to allow at least 20 minutes when arriving for your test and bring your WesternU ID badge. Home test kits will no longer be available at the testing site but can be purchased at your own cost at the WesternU Health Pharmacy.

    Oregon Campus Testing will continue to be coordinated by your college

    Ending Isolation Early for Positive Cases

    As a reminder, positive cases can end isolation on Day 5 or later under guidance from the WesternU contact tracing team only. Please submit the COVID-19 Report Survey if you test positive. This will initiate the contact tracing process and the contact tracing team will provide you important information for returning to campus. Ending isolation before Day 10 requires a negative COVID-19 test, regardless of your vaccination/booster status, symptoms, or campus.

    Please refer to the Institutional Requirements for WesternU for all current university-wide guidance.

    May you stay safe and be well.

  • April 8, 2022

    Dear WesternU Students, Faculty, and Staff,

    The CRT has updated the Institutional Requirements for WesternU effective today. Please see the updated requirements posted on our COVID-19 Information website. Throughout the document, the items that have been updated are highlighted in YELLOW. Here is an overview of the major changes:

    Mask Requirements

    • Masking indoors is still required. However, beginning Monday, April 11, masking outdoors is optional (see Pages 1 and 4-5).

    Eating/Drinking on Campus

    • Eating and drinking is allowed in group settings; however, it is recommended to maintain as much physical distancing as possible while eating (see Page 6).

    Guidance for COVID-19 Symptoms, Exposures, or Positive Cases 

    • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, get a COVID-19 test right away and stay home.
      • If you test positive for COVID-19 or a doctor tells you that you have COVID-19, follow the Isolation Instructions for People with COVID-19 on pages 8-9 of the Institutional Requirements.
      • If you test negative for COVID-19 or your doctor says you don’t have COVID-19, stay home until you have been fever-free without the help of medicines for at least 24 hours.
    • If you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, you must follow the Quarantine and Other Instructions for Close Contacts on page 10 of the Institutional Requirements.
    • If you test positive for COVID-19, you must submit a COVID-19 Report Survey AND isolate off campus for at least 5 days. You may end isolation after Day 5 ONLY if all of the following criteria are met:
      • You have a negative COVID-19 test** that was collected on day 5 or later, and
      • You have not had a fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine, and
      • Your symptoms are improving OR you remain asymptomatic, and
      • You contact for guidance to end isolation early.

    ** An antigen test is preferred. Self-tests are acceptable, but if they are used for return to campus the test must be observed or reported in a certain way. Contact for assistance.

    Please Note: When accessing the Institutional Requirements for WesternU from the COVID-19 Information website, you may need to clear your browser history, cache, and/or cookies in order to view the latest version of the document.

    Stay safe and be well!

  • March 18, 2022

    Hello Students, Faculty, and Staff,

    The CRT has been evaluating our stance on university-related international travel. At this time, WesternU is lifting the moratorium on university-related international travel for students and employees. We recommend that all travelers closely monitor the US State Department Travel Advisories website for any travel restrictions and the local public health requirements for returning to work or school around the anticipated travel dates. (See Travel Advisory and Guidance for LA County. Oregon follows CDC guidelines.)

    Please consider the following when traveling internationally:

    • Border closures could occur in other countries with little notice.
    • Purchasing travel insurance should be considered when traveling internationally.
    • Contingency plans should be made in advance if a traveler is not able to return due to a positive COVID-19 test.
      • Any employee traveling internationally should ensure that their supervisor and department head are aware of the travel plan and that adequate coverage can be provided in the event the employee is not able to return to work on the expected date and time.
      • Students should be referred to their rotation coordinators for scheduling of international travel and any scheduling interruptions or academic implications.

    For now, the indoor mask mandate and daily screening remain mandatory. We will revisit these guidelines after the return from Spring break in April. See the updated Institutional Requirements for Campus on the COVID-19 Information website.

    Please stay safe and be well.

  • Campus Access Requirements

    Complete the Daily Screening Survey before coming to campus and disclose any symptoms daily.

    Daily Screening Survey

    This survey must be completed each day prior to arriving on campus. You must receive a green “Pass” screen for campus access.

    Complete report a COVID-19 Test Result weekly if you are not vaccinated.

    Report a COVID-19 Test Result

    This link is for reporting any COVID-19 test results.
    Including self-test home kits or those obtained off-campus.

    If you have symptoms, do not come to campus and contact

    Keep WesternU Healthy

    WesternU is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of its faculty, staff, students, and patients during a pandemic. This page includes information regarding important forms for visiting campus, reporting COVID-19 exposures or symptoms, and requesting personal protective information (PPE).