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Getting Started with the Echo360 Player

The following is a brief tour of the Echo360 player, including key features and user interface.

Player Settings

When you play any Echo360 lecture recording, the first screen you see allows you to choose configuration and layout.

Echoplayer start screen 

  • Unless you require one of the other options, leave the Configuration setting on Broadband.
  • Choose from the following themes and layouts:
     Echoplayer screen layouts

Click the Launch Echo Player button to open the player interface with the theme and layout of your choice.

Player Interface

 Echoplayer interface

While not shown in in the screen image above, Echo recently added a variable speed control next to the other player controls that will allow you to view the slide presentation with audio at one-half or twice the normal speed. Video content will be blacked out.

In addition to the player controls, the following applications are available through the Echo360 interface:

  • Scenes – skip to slides at different points in the presentation 
  • Bookmarks – Add notes or comments to specific timepoints in the recording
    (NOTE: This feature is only available for recordings posted in Blackboard’s EchoCenter)
  • Discussions – Post and read comments from other classmates about the presentation
    (NOTE: This feature is only available for recordings posted in Blackboard’s EchoCenter)
  • Info – Information about the session such as title, recording date
  • Help – Keyboard shortcuts and contact information for Technical Support
  • Feedback – Tell Echo360 what you think of the player interface
  • Share – Let your friends on Twitter or Facebook know what you’re doing for class   

Changing Views

Note the reversed position of the PowerPoint and classroom views. Either of these windows can be removed, repositioned, or resized by dragging the corner.

 Changing the view in Echoplayer

The Reset Windows button resets the windows to their original position.

 Resetting the windows in Echoplayer

 To advance to a particular slide, select the Scenes button.

Advancing to another slide in Echoplayer