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A Guided Tour of the EchoCenter

The EchoCenter is your one-stop dashboard for accessing your recorded lectures videos and related functionality. Available through your Blackboard courses, the EchoCenter:

  • Shows the course notes (bookmarks) you have added to Echoes you’ve already viewed. Each bookmark links to the scene in the Echo.
  • Shows recent chat and discussion activity for the class. Each discussion item links to the scene in the Echo. Allows you to access  live webcasts. Not all classes include live webcasts.
  • Lists each Echo for the class, with details about the Echo and links to the course notes (bookmarks) and discussions.
  • Lists “other” Echoes. Some of these are future class meetings. In time, each of the future class meetings becomes a link to an Echo.

 Layout of the EchoCenter v5.1


The new and improved EchoCenter consists of the following sections, numbered to correspond to the labeled screen image above.

ID Pane (1-3)

  1. The class covered by this EchoCenter page. You may also see a notice of the next recording or live webcast. A Join button appears shortly before the scheduled webcast time.
  2. The Echo360 logo. Other logos may appear on the left side of the window.
  3. Link to online help. 

Course Notes (4)

Echo Apps menuThis pane shows any course notes (bookmarks) you added recently to any Echo in the class. Bookmarks are added to an Echo recording while you are watching it in the EchoPlayer, using the button under the Apps menu,

To see the course notes (bookmarks) you added for a specific Echo, select the Echo recording and click the course notes (bookmarks) tab. The recording will open at the relevant scene.


EchoCenter Notes areaIn addition to providng an overview of what was covered in a particular lecture, Course notes (bookmarks) can help you tag important parts of the Echo, allowing you to quickly navigate to a certain point.  When you are studying for an exam, you’ll find the bookmarks a handy index to the Echo and to the class. (You might want to use a key phrase such as “EXAM QUESTION” if an Instructor has indicated that a particular concept is important.)




Recent Activity Pane (4)

Echo Apps menuThis pane shows recent discussions that occurred in any Echo in the class. To see the discussions for a specific Echo, select the Echo recording and click the Discussions tab.

Discussions appear in this pane when you, the Instructor, or another class member adds a discussion topic while watching an Echo recording, using the Discussions button in the player’s App menu.


EchoCenter Activity areaKeep in mind that the Recent Activity section lists the most recent discussions that occurred in any Echo for this class. If the most recent Echo did not elicit any discussion, no discussion link is listed. Discussions sometimes occur as you and your classmates review the Echo. As you submit discussions topics, they are listed in this pane.

You can also join the discussion from this pane. Clicking on the discussion link opens the Echo at the relevant scene.




Available & Other Recordings (6)

As the course progresses, the list of Echo recordings can become long and unwieldy. The Available/Other radio buttons help you organize the list of Echoes.

Click the Available button to see a list of Echo recordings that have been processed. You can sort the list with the MostRecent/Least Recent drop-down list. 

Click the Other button (shown above) to see a list of:

  • Echoes still being processed. Scheduled recordings.
  • Echoes that are marked Not Available. Echoes can be unavailable for a variety of reasons: Your Instructor may have marked an Echo as unavailable
  • A class meeting may not have been captured because of a power outage or other malfunction

 EchoCenter - Recordings list


Elements on the Other list that correspond to the screen image above include the following:

6-1.     Shows the Available/Other button options

6-2.     The Hide Unavailable/Show Unavailable drop-down list can be used to shorten the list by hiding unavailable Echoes.

6-3.     Shows the number of Echo recordings in the list.

6-4.     Shows an Echo recording is being processed.

6-5.     Indicates that the class meeting was not captured.

List of Echo Recordings (7)

Select an Echo in the list to reveal additional details about that specific Echo.

Launch Echo Button (8)

Click this button to launch the Echo. From the set-up page (shown here) you can:

EchoCenter - Launch Echo area8-1.     Launch the Echo

8-2.     Choose the EchoPlayer theme

8-3.     Read tips on using the EchoPlayer

8-4.     Return to the EchoCenter page


Tab Selection (9)

Select a specific recording from the list, then select one of the tabs to get further details about the Echo.

Info icon

Info Tab

  • See the type of Echo (usually “Lecture”) See the duration of the Echo
    • Download Podcast or Vodcast versions
    • Read a description of the Echo if your Instructor included one 

Discussions icon

Discussions Tab

  • See discussions that have occurred for the specific Echo.
  • Join discussions. Click on the discussions link.

Notes icon

Course Notes Tab

  • See the course notes (bookmarks) you have added in the Echo.
  • Open the Echo at the bookmarked scene. Click on the course note (bookmark).