Body Donation Program

Priceless Gift

illustration of a diverse group of peopleThe unique and priceless gift of the human body provides a source of knowledge that is the foundation of medical education and research. They teach health science students the relationships between systems and structures of the human body.

There are three types of body donation currently available:

Organ Donation

If your body and organs are healthy, organ donation will save lives.

Tissue Donation

Corneas can be donated to help others see. Skin can be used to help burn victims.

Whole Body Donation

Donating your remains in their entirety will affect many lives because this gift will be used to educate healthcare professionals. When they become doctors, physician assistants, dentists or physical therapists they will treat many patients. Some institutions do research that will help understanding and treatments for diseases. Either way, this gift impacts quality of life in a very positive way.


As you consider the option of donating your body to science,
know that the need is great and your gift will be valued and honored.